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FunctionBay Joins the MathWorks Connections Program

RecurDyn/Control and Simulink Used Together to Cosimulate High-Fidelity Mechanical Models Controlled by Complex Control Systems

April 8, 2013, Pangyo Seven Venture Valley, South Korea - FunctionBay, due to its MATLAB control systems interface RecurDyn/Control, has gained membership to the MathWorks Connections Program. Joining the MathWorks Connections Program certifies RecurDyn as a complimentary product to MATLAB and Simulink, and ensures closer collaboration between FunctionBay and MathWorks in order to deliver greater benefit to end users.

Analysts use RecurDyn/Control and Simulink to cosimulate high-fidelity mechanical models being controlled by complex control systems. This eliminates the need to oversimplify mechanical plant models in the control system model, allowing for more accurate results when evaluating the performance of the combined system. The technology is typically applied to vehicles, robots, and machinery, among other applications.

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