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Particle Dynamics Capabilty Now Available in RecurDyn V8R2

RecurDyn/Particles Enables Particle Dynamics Simulations Within Multibody Dynamic Systems

December 11, 2013, RecurDyn/Particles is a particle dynamics module which was recently released with RecurDyn V8R2. This capability allows RecurDyn users to model granular matter, or even powders or liquids, within a multibody dynamic system. Examples include rocks, sand or soil interacting with digging or loading vehicles, or grain within agricultural grain-handling systems. Many applications for this type of simulation can be found in the chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, agriculture, food handling, powder metallurgy, and digital printing industries. With advances in computing power and numerical algorithms, it has become possible to simulate millions of particles numerically.

In the animation below, the effects of the sand on the flexible golf club shaft and ball are evident. In fact, the club never touches the ball in this model. Instead the club's head enters and propels the sand, and this moving sand propels the ball forward and upward. The contour plots on the flexible shaft are of Von Mises stress.


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