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FunctionBay and MotionPort Recognized for their Support of Otis Engineering

Companies awarded for their continued support of multibody dynamics simulation at Otis for 10 years

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Professor Jin-Hwan Choi and Dr. Brant Ross receiving awards.
Dr. Ross (second from left) and Prof. Choi (fifth from left) receive their awards from Otis.

August 15, 2017, Farmington, Connecticut - Today Professor Jin-Hwan Choi and Dr. Brant Ross were recognized in behalf of FunctionBay and MotionPort, respectively, with awards for supporting 10 annual multibody dynamics seminars held at Otis Elevator as well as for providing other support. The awards read:

With our greatest appreciation we hereby present Professor Jin-Hwan Choi and Dr. Brant A. Ross with this Award in Recognition of your distinguished cooperation, devotion and friendship for the past 10 years. Thanks for your continuing support of our engineering.

- Global Engineering, Elevator, Otis Elevator

Otis was one of the first companies in the US to utilize RecurDyn Multibody Dynamics Simulation, and its usage of the software has expanded to its other locations worldwide.

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