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RecurDyn Belt

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Sample RecurDyn Belt Toolkit applicationSample RecurDyn Belt Toolkit application (scroll down for animation)

RecurDyn/Belt can be used to model belt and pulley systems of various types and configurations. Typical applications of the Belt Toolkit include:

  • An engine accessory drive belt system (a ribbed V-belt, ribbed V-pulley and roller)
  • A continuously variable transmission (CVT) system (a rollers, flanges, and a V-belt)
  • A timing belt mechanism (timing pulleys and a timing belt)


  • Model & simulate sophisticated products quickly
  • Obtain dynamic load history for stress & fatigue analysis
  • Perform "what if" studies in order to refine:
    • pulley profile design
    • belt design
    • guide design
  • Study product dynamics:
    • transient conditions at start-up
    • failure conditions at high speed
  • Design tensioning devices to optimize belt tension


  • Graphical user interface for fast and easy model generation
  • Library of geometric entities
  • Graphical or spreadsheet design of pulley and belt cross sections
  • Automatic belt assembly with automatic contact
  • Efficient contact algorithms
  • Subsystem concept for efficient interaction with other model assemblies, such as in a complete engine model
  • Fast & robust solver
  • Plotting of contact forces and belt tension

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