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RecurDyn LM-Track

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"RecurDyn’s computational speed and process automation for track systems allowed us to develop accurate simulations of our compact track loaders that would have not otherwise been practical...we are confident that we are reducing our engineering costs by at least two dollars for every dollar that we invest in simulation."

-- Kezhun Li - Manager of Digital Prototyping and Simulation
-- Case New Holland
From: RecurDyn Motion Simulation Software Simulates Track Loader, Desktop Engineering

RecurDyn/LM-Track (Low Mobility Track Toolkit) gives the ability to simulate construction-style, low mobility tracked vehicles, where the track shoes are typically defined with a profile. Band tracks with regular profiles can also be modeled. The toolkit supports the definitions of sprockets, roadwheels, idlers and the initial track shoe which is replicated along a user-defined path.


  • Study dynamic performance of vehicle
    • Ride and comfort
    • Vibration due to discrete track links
    • Link separation from sprocket and idler
    • Traversal of multiple terrains
  • Calculate dynamic load history for stress and fatigue analysis
  • Component Optimization
    • Sprocket teeth profile design
    • Grouser shape design
  • Optimize suspension spring rates and damping
  • Optimize tensioner to stabilize track tension


  • Graphical user interface for easy and fast model generation
  • Library of custom geometric entities
  • Graphical design of sprocket teeth profile (lines and arcs) and link grouser profile (line segments)
  • Automated track assembly
  • Efficient contact algorithms yield fast, robust simulations
  • Easy creation of terrains, with a library of standard proving grounds
  • Subsystem capability allows each track assembly to be created and simulated separately, then integrated into the vehicle model
  • Integrated Bekker Soil Model with additional soil definition options using parameters and/or a user-defined function
  • Plotting of specific results such as track link contact forces and track tension
  • Open loop track assembly

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