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RecurDyn MTT2D

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RecurDyn/MTT2D (Media Transport Toolkit 2D) helps you efficiently create and simulate a sophisticated model of flexible media being transported by a mechanical system in a 2D environment. Templates for rollers and guides are also included.


  • You can easily simulate the 2D movement of a sheet through a media path.
  • Applications include devices such as a printer, copier, fax, or other sheet and film feeding products.
  • RecurDyn/MTT2D automates the definition of a sheet (whether paper, film or any other flat media) as well as idealized rollers and guides.
  • World-class capability to analyze flexible sheets that undergo large deformations with linear material properties, including contact with guides & rollers
  • You can evaluate the potential for jamming given:
    • different sheet size, weight and stiffness,
    • different sheet properties due to temperature and humidity extremes,
    • different sheet velocity due to misalignment of drive-driven roller sets and
    • different roller velocities due to gap, wear, etc.


  • Fast & easy modeling.
  • Speed & stability of the simulation process.
  • Contacts are automatically defined.
  • Predefined groups of model entities simplify the model generation process.
  • Special parametric values provide access to important design parameters.
  • Automatic generation of relevant outputs for a sheet feeding system.
  • Ability to define multiple sheets with the same contact properties that move along several paths.
  • Modeling of a folding sheet with curl radius.

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