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RecurDyn Particleworks Interface

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RecurDyn/Particleworks co-simulation of engine crankshaft interacting with oil lubricant. This coupled Multibody and Fluid Dynamics simulation enables users to visualize oil distribution and determine how well individual engine components are lubricated.

Coupled Multibody and Fluid Dynamics Analysis

The world’s first multibody and fluid dynamics co-simulation interface is now available in RecurDyn. This unique capability allows for simulations where mechanical components and fluids influence each other.


  • Captures the effects of the motion of the mechanical system on the fluid.
  • Captures the effects of fluid behavior on the mechanical system.
  • The effect of the behavior of the mechanical system can be seen in the surfaces and turbulence of the fluid.

Sample Applications

RecurDyn/Particleworks co-simulation of oil lubricant moving within powertrain. Contour plot data such as fluid velocity and pressure can help to visualize the fluid flow.
RecurDyn/Particleworks co-simulation used to determine effect of varying oil viscosities on resistive torque in single-cylinder engine.
RecurDyn/Particleworks co-simulation used to determine effect of fuel sloshing on vehicle handling dynamics.

About Particleworks

Particleworks, developed by Prometech Software Inc. of Japan, is fluid dynamics simulation software based on the recently developed MPS (Moving Particle Simulation) formulation. This method is especially useful for simulations that involve free fluid surfaces. It represents the fluid as a very large collection of particles, and therefore, it does not require a complex mesh. Particleworks achieves very high computational efficiency through the use of gradient and Laplacian models of the Navier-Stokes equations, which are the fundamental equations of fluid dynamics. Particleworks is already used by a large number of industries in various fields.

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