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RecurDyn/Professional is the core module of the RecurDyn family of software. It includes powerful pre- and post-processing with an easy to use, intuitive Windows interface (RecurDyn/Modeler), and a fast, state-of-the-art solver that gives you a very powerful design and analysis tool for complex mechanisms (RecurDyn/Solver), and a custom application development environment (RecurDyn/ProcessNet). The RecurDyn database is hierarchical and a model can consist of multiple subsystems that can exist in different levels of the model structure.

Do You Need RecurDyn?

  • Have my CAE tools kept pace with the demands of concurrent engineering processes?
  • Are my mechanisms behaving as intended?
  • Am I getting timely loads for up-front FE analysis?
  • Are my mechanical simulation results able to influence product design?
  • Are our time/cost saving what we had expected?


  • Fast and reliable mechanical system simulation
  • Familiar user interface: CAD-like & Windows-native
  • Powerful 2D/3D surface contact modeling
  • Advanced flexible body dynamics
  • Automated modeling using exclusive toolkits

"Design engineers as well as expert analysts can build models for dynamic analysis using toolkits in the software. Even relatively untrained engineers can complete sophisticated models in a week or so."

-- Akio Hoshi - Engineer
-- Hitachi Construction Machinery
From: Simulation Digs into Large Excavator Models,
From: Machine Design

RecurDyn graphical user interface

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