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Technical Papers: Multibody Dynamics in Biomechanics


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Surface Modification and Software Design of Customized Knee Joint

Chin YU Wang, Chien Fen Huang, Yi-Lin Liou, Life Science Journal, December 2014, Volume 11, Number 12, Article 137.

RecurDyn is used to perform dynamic simulation of an artificial knee. The geometry of the artificial knee is imported into RecurDyn from a CAD program. Accurate data from physical testing can be limited and difficult to obtain. RecurDyn provides an easy way to test if design parameters are within an acceptable performance range.

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Influence of Bundle Diameter and Attachment Point on Kinematic Behavior in Double Bundle Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Using Computational Model

Oh Soo Kwon, Tserenchimed Purevsuren, Kyungsoo Kim, Won Man Park, Tae-Kyu Kwon, Yoon Hyuk Kim, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, January 2014, Volume 2014, Article ID 948292, 8 pages.

RecurDyn provides nonlinear force entities to model tissues such as ligaments, as well as contact modeling capabilities needed to simulate the movement of ligaments around bone and cartilage boundaries.

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Simulation of extension, radial and ulnar deviation of the wrist with a rigid body spring model

S. Fischli, R.W. Sellens, M. Beek, Dr. Pichora, Journal of Biomechanics, Kingston, June 2009, Volume 42, Issue 9, pp 1363-1366.

The high performance and robust contact modeling capabilities in RecurDyn are needed to simulate the complex interactions of bones in the wrist during the transition to various postures.

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