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Technical Papers: Machinery (General)


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A Numerical Method of Large-Scale Concrete Displacing Boom Dynamics and Experimental Validation

Wu Ren, Yun-xin Wu, Zhao-wei Zhang, Wen-ze Shi, Advances in Mechanical Engineering, January 2014, Volume 6 943847.

A numerical method for concrete-displacing boom dynamics is developed and found to be in good agreement with RecurDyn and experimental results. RecurDyn simulations offer validity to the numerical and experimental methods while providing additional information that may not be available with instrumentation.

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Auto-positioning of sliding planes based on virtual force

Eun Ho Kim, Kyung Woon Kwak, Young Kook Kim, Soohyun Kim, Byung Man Kwak, In Gwun Jang, Kyung Soo Kim, International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, August 2013, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp 798-804.

A newly proposed auto-positioning algorithm for sliding planes was tested using RecurDyn and scale testing. Scale testing was able to validate the RecurDyn model. RecurDyn simulations were able to prove that the algorithms provide a robust and reliable solution for path finding.

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Coupled simulation of gas flow and dynamic analysis for stroke calculation in circuit breaker

Y.S. Lee, H.S. Ahn, S.W. Park, J.H. Lee, 1st International Conference on Electric Power Equipment - Switching Technology (ICEPE-ST), Xi’an, October 2011, pp 203-206.

The actuator and interrupter of a gas insulated switchgear are modeled using RecurDyn. The results of this study are expected to be helpful to improve the efficiency and structural reliability of ultrahigh-voltage GIS circuit breakers early in development. This is expected to shorten the period of research and development and reduce test costs.

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Dynamic Analysis of Needle Roller Bearings on Torque Loss

Atsushi Suzuki, Hideki Sugiura, Miki Mizono, Mizuho Inagaki, Tsune Kobayashi, Journal of System Design and Dynamics, 2013, Volume 7, No. 4, pp 405-415.

RecurDyn is used to analyze the design of needle roller bearings in the planetary gears of an automatic transmission. Dynamic analysis in RecurDyn yielded the mechanisms of skew motion, the thrust force of the needle rollers, the axial force of the pinion and the friction torque. As a result, the design could be changed to reduce torque loss in the needle roller bearings.

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Modeling and dynamics analysis of helical spring under compression using a curved beam element with consideration on contact between its coils

C.J. Yang, W.H. Zhang, G.X. Ren, X.Y. Lin, Meccanica, April 2014, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 907-917.

RecurDyn simulations were used to validate a simplified contact model between coils of a spring. The spring was modeled using beam elements and important information for the design of helical springs such as spring stiffness, static and dynamic stress are compared with RecurDyn simulations. The result is that the simplified method is proven to be effective.

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Numerical modeling of journal bearing considering both elastohydrodynamic lubrication and multi-flexible-body dynamic

J. Choi, S.S. Kim, S.S. Rhim, J.H. Choi, International Journal of Automotive Technology, February 2012, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 255-261.

RecurDyn is coupled with an elastohydrodynamic module to analyze dynamic bearing lubrication characteristics, such as pressure distribution and oil film thickness. The elastohydrodynamic module transmits pressure, force, and torque data into RecurDyn. The FFlex module in RecurDyn allows for compliance effects to be analyzed while solving the dynamics of the system. These results agreed with experimental results and can now be used to improve the design.

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Optimal Control of passive Locking Mechanism for Battery Exchange Using Pontryagin's minium principle

Wonsuk Jung, Jongwon Park, Seungho Lee, Kyungsoo Kim, Soohyun Kim, 8th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), Kaohsiung, May 2011, pp 1227-1232.

An efficient method to dock and exchange batteries for a mobile robot was verified using RecurDyn. RecurDyn was able to evaluate the dynamics of the system with a specific control method without experimentally testing each case.

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Quantitative diagnosis of a spall-like fault of a rolling element bearing by empirical mode decomposition and the approximate entropy method

ShuanFeng Zhao, Lin Liang, GuangHua Xu, Jing Wang, WenMing Zhang, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, October 2013, Volume 40, Issue 1, pp 154-177.

RecurDyn is used to simulate the dynamic effects of rolling element bearings with spall-like faults. A variety of spall widths and bearing speeds were tested without the cost and time associated with physical prototypes.

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Changing law of launching pitching angular velocity of rotating missile

Guang Liu, Bin Xu, Xiaojuan Jiao, Tiesheng Zhen, Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, October 2014, Volume 27, Issue 5, pp 1171-1179.

A multi-flexible body dynamics (MFBD) virtual prototype of a missile launching system is simulated using the RecurDyn FFlex module. A meshed model of the missile and the launching canister were imported into RecurDyn to perform dynamic analysis. The stress profile of the missile and launching canister were obtained where instrumentation for physical testing would be difficult.

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Design of planar static balancer with associated linkage

Sang-Hyung Kim, Chang-Hyun Cho, Mechanism and Machine Theory, November 2014, Volume 81, pp 79-93.

RecurDyn was used for dynamic simulations of gravity compensators. Several designs could be tested quickly to fine tune the design without having to build many physical prototypes.

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Necessary conditions of stability moving parts of rotor centrifuge

Jens Strackeljan, Andriy Babenko, Iaroslav Lavrenko, Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2014, Number 72.

A dynamic model of a modern centrifuge with moving parts that rotate around a horizontal axis. The goal of this design was to have a high centrifugal force while maintaining motion stability. RecurDyn simulations showed that the motion was unstable in positions that were optimal for the technological process. The results showed that the design needs to be adjusted to provide additional stability.

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