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Technical Papers: Multibody Dynamics in Manufacturing


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A New Method for Simulation of Machining Performance by Integrating Finite Element and Multi-body Simulation for Machine Tools

M. Zaeh, D. Siedl, 2007, CIRP Annals - Manufacturing Technology, 2007, Volume 56, Issue 1, pp 383–386.

This paper presents a method to predict machining performance. RecurDyn simulations can provide accurate results for flexible structures with large deformations. Implementing RecurDyn simulations into the design process can reduce time to market and reduce the money spent on physical prototypes.

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Implementation of LabVIEW®-based joint-linear motion blending on a lab-manufactured 6-axis articulated robot (RS2)

Dong Sun Lee, Won Jee Chung, Chang Doo Jung, Jun Ho Jang, International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA), August 2012, pp. 2423-2428.

RecurDyn was used to determine whether changing the velocity profile of a 6-axis articulated robot would result in stable motion of the end-effector. Efficiency of the robot is improved by implementing a control strategy that limits vibration and noise.

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Compensation of geometrical deviations via model based-observers

B.Denkena, L.Overmeyer, K.M.Litwinski, R.Pesters, 2014, The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, July 2014, Volume 73, Issue 5, pp 989-998.

A rigid body machine tool simulation was validated using RecurDyn. RecurDyn is a proven tool that can be used to validate simplified models. Agreement between both models gives confidence that both tools are achieving good results.

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Concept for a self-correcting sheet metal bending operation

U. Damerow, D. Tabakajew, M. Borzykh, W. Schaermann, W. Homberg, A. Trachtler, Procedia Technology, 2014, Volume 15, pp 439-446.

RecurDyn was used to simulate sheet metal bending operations. A RecurDyn model has a major advantage over traditional FEA models when it comes to designing a control strategy for bending operations. RecurDyn simulations can determine what corrective actions need to be taken when geometrical deviations appear.

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A method for reducing the energy consumption of pick and place industrial robots

M. Pellicciari, G. Berselli, F. Leali, A. Vergnano, Mechatronics, April 2013, Volume 23, Issue 3, pp. 326-334.

RecurDyn was used for simulation case studies to validate a proposed method for optimization. With an accurate model the process of optimization was easily performed without the need for costly prototypes for each new design.

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