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Technical Papers: Nonlinear Dynamic System Theory


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A multibody-based dynamic simulation method for electrostatic actuators

Sangkyu Lee, Jinam Kim, Wonkyu Moon, Jinhwan Choi, Ilhan Park, Daesung Bae, Nonlinear Dynamics, October 2008, Volume 54, Issue 1, pp 53-68.

This paper proposes a method to simulate the dynamic behaviors of structures driven by electrostatic forces. This approach provides dynamic simulation results that describe the effects of large deformations of a structure and the electromechanical coupling inside a system. RecurDyn’s FFlex module allows finite element bodies to be analyzed during multibody dynamics simulations.

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Accelerated Drop Test Simulation using Relative Coordinate Solution and Finite Element Method

Jisong Sun, Youcheng Li, Eng Hong Ong, 2004, Asia-Pacific Magnetic Recording Conference, APMRC, Soeul, August 2004, pp 56-57.

RecurDyn reduced computation time for drop tests of hard disk drives while obtaining similar levels of accuracy compared to nonlinear FEA. Computational time for the entire model was reduced from over 1 day to ½ hour.

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Dynamics and control of a spatial rigid-flexible multibody system with multiple cylindrical clearance joints

Cheng Liu, Qiang Tian, Haiyan Hu, Mechanism and Machine Theory, June 2012, Volume 52, pp 106-129.

RecurDyn has the capability of simulating the multibody dynamics of rigid and flexible bodies using the FFlex module. In this paper, RecurDyn is used to analyze a rigid-multibody system with multiple cylindrical clearance joints. RecurDyn simulations agree well with a simplified model proposed by the author and provide validity to both methods used to analyze cylindrical clearance joints.

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Dynamics and Control Research of Rotary Table Based on Virtual Prototype

Zifan Fang, Dexin Wu, Huapan Xiao, Hui Li, Kongde He, Weihua Yang, Intelligent Human-Machine Systems and Cybernetics (IHMSC) 5th International Conference, Hangzhou, August 2013, Volume 2, pp. 457-462.

A control method of a mechatronic transmission system is studied in this paper. The dynamic performance of the system was simulated in RecurDyn to demonstrate the effectiveness of the control method. The gear toolkit within RecurDyn simplifies the process of creating a model of a gear subsystem while CoLink provides a convenient built in method to test a control method directly on the virtual prototype.

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Integrated development platform for design of fuzzy inference system using RecurDyn and Simulink

Chang-Woo Hong, Gyu-Jong Choi, Doo-Sung Ahn, SICE-ICASE International Joint Conference, Busan, October 2006, pp. 5643-5648.

A method is proposed for the design of a fuzzy inference system using RecurDyn and Simulink. A co-simulation with RecurDyn and Simulink can simplify the process of designing a controller by simulating a control method without the need for a costly prototype.

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Modeling planar slider-crank mechanisms with clearance joints in RecurDyn

Alexander Gummer, Bernd Sauer, Multibody System Dynamics, February 2014, Volume 31, Issue 2, pp. 127-145.

A method to analyze imperfect revolute joints in RecurDyn was proposed. The capabilities of the method were demonstrated through achieving a good correlation with experimental results of a slider-crank mechanism.

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Simulation tool design for the two-axis nano stage of lithography systems

Jongchul Jung , Kunsoo Huhb, Mechatronics, August 2010, Volume 20, Issue 5, pp. 574-581.

RecurDyn is used to simulate two-axis nano stages equipped with piezo-actuators and flexure guides. Modal data is obtained using ANSYS and then interfaced with RecurDyn. The accuracy was verified using experimental data. This verified model can now be used to test design improvements in rapid succession.

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