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Technical Papers: Off-Road Material Handling


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Simulated Analysis of a Wheeled Tractor on Soft Soil Based on RecurDyn

Wenqian Huang, Feijun Xu, Jishuai Ge, Chi Zhang, Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture V, 2012, pp 332-342.

The Soil-Tire module of RecurDyn can be used to model a wheeled tractor running over various terrains. Displacements and impact forces of the tires could be compared across the different terrains. The result was that the trends of the loading cases as a function of terrain slope and vehicle speed could be understood and quantified.

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Fuzzy PID Control for Boom Energy Recovery on Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator

Xin Dai, Chengning Zhang, Siguang Li, Computer Science and Automation Engineering (CSAE), 2011 IEEE International Conference, Shanghai, June 2011, Volume 2, pp. 154-157.

RecurDyn was used in a co-simulation with Simulink to design an energy recovery system of a hydraulic excavator. RecurDyn was used to model the dynamics, and Simulink was used for control algorithms. The control strategy was proven to be efficient without the need for a costly prototype.

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Reduction of PTO rattle noise of an agricultural tractor using an anti-backlash gear

S.B. Shim, Y.J. Park, K.U. Kim, Biosystems Engineering, 2008, Volume 100, Issue 3, pp. 346-354.

RecurDyn was used to evaluate the design of an anti-backlash gear to reduce noise in the PTO gearbox of a direct-engine PTO driveline for an agricultural tractor. The simulated results matched well with measured results. The design of the anti-backlash gear could be tested and refined in an efficient and cost-effective way using RecurDyn.

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