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Technical Papers: RecurDyn in Education


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Design and Implementation of a Capstone Course to Satisfy the Industry Needs of Virtual Product Development and ABET Engineering Criteria

Mohamed A. Omar, Education Research International, Volume 2014, Article ID 578148, 18 pages.

RecurDyn can be used as part of an undergraduate capstone design project to provide a meaningful learning experience for students. Using engineering tools like RecurDyn can prepare students more fully for future work opportunities.

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3D Education System of DC Motor Drive using RecurDyn and CoLink

H.S. Mok, lH. LEE, G.H. CHOE, S.H KIM, DJ. YUN, ICPE 2007 Proceedings, October 2007, pp.119-121.

RecurDyn and CoLink can provide more accurate and visually attractive outcomes for the simulation of permanent magnet DC motor drive systems with an educational environment. Applying this approach to the motor drive education system is expected to provide a more effective and interesting learning environment for the students.

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