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Technical Papers: Robotics (Research)


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A Class of Autonomous Robots Prepared for Unfriendly Sunny Environment

Lucian Grigore, Recep Ileri, Cristian Neculăescu, Anton Soloi, Ticuşor Ciobotaru, Valentin Vînturiş, Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, 2011, Volume 1, pp. 73-80.

The dynamics of an electrical caterpillar autonomous robot were simulated using RecurDyn. A trial and error method was used to adjust parameters. Results are presented for crossing a step type obstacle. This method of design would have been much more expensive relying upon physical prototypes alone.

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External disturbance identification of a quadruped robot with parallel_serial leg structure

Xinghua Tian, Feng Gao, Chenkun Qi, Xianbao Chen, Dan Zhang, International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design, December 2015, pp. 1-12.

RecurDyn is used to simulate the effect of external disturbances on a legged robot. These results are found to be in good agreement with experimental data. RecurDyn simulations are able to prove the robot’s ability to remain stable under a large number of loading conditions that would be difficult to test experimentally.

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Improvement of Violinist Robot using a Passive Damper Device

Byung-Cheol Min, Eric T. Matson, Jinung An, Donghan Kim, Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems, December 2013, Volume 72, Issue 3-4, pp. 343-355.

RecurDyn is used to simulate a robot arm playing a violin. The proper path of the robot arm was identified in RecurDyn for use in a control algorithm. The sound quality of the violin was improved by using these simulations to determine how to apply a constant pressure on the strings with the bow.

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Obtaining Contact Parameters for MBDS of a Wheelless Snake Robot

Hocheol Shin, Tea-Won Kim, Bong-Cheol Seo, Change-Hoi Kim, Heung-Seop Eom, Heung-Ho Lee, Robotics (ISR), 44th International Symposium, Seoul, October 2013, pp. 1-4.

A snake robot was simulated in RecurDyn. The experimental method to obtain good values for spring, damping, and friction coefficients is outlined. This model is able to prove the ability of the snake robot to move efficiently. Different methods of locomotion can be quickly tested in various environments.

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Kinematics of the Robomec robot hand with planar and spherical four bar linkages for power grasping

Sang-Mun Lee, Kyoung-Don Lee, Heung-Ki Min, Tae-Sung Noh, Jeong-Woo Lee, IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), Seoul, August 2012, pp. 1120-1125.

RecurDyn was used to simulate a robot hand with 13 degrees of freedom grasping a cylinder. The torque results of the joints are presented. These results can be used to make design decisions such as choosing a motor and improving the efficiency of the control algorithm.

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Locomotion of snake-like robots using adaptive neural oscillators

Jae-Kwan Ryu, Nak Young Chong, Bum Jae You, Henrik I. Christensen, Intelligent Service Robotics, January 2010, Volume 3, Issue 1.

A proposed CPG-based control architecture enhanced performance of lateral undulatory locomotion of snake-like robots. This method was verified by running RecurDyn simulations over a variety of different ground friction conditions. The lateral undulatory locomotion was proven to be an effective method of locomotion for snake-like robots.

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Optimal Mechanism Design of In-pipe Cleaning Robot

Chang Doo Jung, Won Jee Chung, Jin Su Ahn, Myung Sik Kim, Gi Soo Shin, Soon Jea Kwon, Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA), International Conference, Beijing, August 2011, pp. 1327-1332.

RecurDyn was used to simulate the operation of an in-pipe cleaning robot. The maximum impulsive force of collision between the robot and the inner face of pipe is extracted from RecurDyn for further analysis in ANSYS. RecurDyn simulations were able to determine useful boundary conditions for detailed FEA that otherwise would have had to rely on experimental data or educated guesses.

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Parameter study on the grasping characteristics of the humanoid robot hand with spherical four bar linkages

Sang-Mun Lee, Kyoung-Don Lee, Heung-Ki Min, Tae-Sung Noh, Sung-Tae Kim, Jeong-Woo Lee, Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI), 8th International Conference, Incheon, November 2011, pp. 552-555.

RecurDyn was used to simulate a robot hand with 13 degrees of freedom grasping a cylinder. The force at the contact points between the fingers and the cylinder was obtained. The effects of adjusting the design or control sequence of the hand could be quickly understood with RecurDyn simulations.

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Quadruped robot crawl gait planning based on DST

CHEN Binbin, LI Shaoyuan, Huang Dan, 33rd Chinese Control Conference (CCC), Nanjing, July 2014, pp. 8578-8582.

RecurDyn was used to validate the gait planning of a quadruped robot. The center of gravity of the robot was tracked during the robot’s locomotion. Using RecurDyn simulations it was possible to plan a crawl gait that maintained static stability during a quadruped robot’s locomotion.

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Quadruped robot gait planning with stair environment constraints

WANG Zhanhao, HUANG Dan, LI Ning, LI Shaoyuan, 33rd Chinese Control Conference (CCC), Nanjing, July 2014, pp. 8583-8588.

RecurDyn was used to validate the gait planning of a quadruped robot. RecurDyn simulations demonstrated the stability of the robot as it walked up and down stairs. RecurDyn simulations could test the range of stair heights that the quadruped robot would be able to navigate successfully.

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Sliding mode control of locomotion for a biomimetic robot inspired by pillbugs

Jongwon Park, Kyung-soo Kim, Soo-hyun Kim, International Conference Control Automation and Systems (ICCAS), Gyeonggi-do, October 2010, pp. 2392-2396.

A new control method was compared to a PID controller for a pill bug inspired robot. Both control methods could be tested using a co-simulation between RecurDyn and Simulink. These methods could be quickly compared within RecurDyn by comparing measured angular positions over time. The new control method was shown to be more efficient than the PID controlled locomotion.

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Analysis and Test on Step Surmounting Performance of a W-shaped Track Robot

Yunwang Li, Xucong Yan, Feng Tian, Delong Zhao and Bin Li, The Open Automation and Control Systems Journal, February 2015, Volume 7, pp. 74-83.

The dynamic characteristics of a w-shaped track robot was studied using RecurDyn. Simulations in RecurDyn were able to determine how effectively the robot could climb stairs. The simulations were able to determine that the center of gravity may be adjusted farther forward and lower to climb larger steps.

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