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Technical Papers: Tracked Vehicles (General)


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Modeling and Simulation of Multibody Dynamics for Tracked Vehicle

Ma Xingguo, Yang Tao, You Xiaomei, Zhai Bin, Intelligent Networks and Intelligent Systems (ICINIS) 3rd International Conference, Shenyang, November 2010, pp. 669-671.

RecurDyn was used to model a tracked vehicle on solid road and dry sand road. Data about the force between the track links and the ground, as well as the velocity of the planetary gear train, were obtained from this model. RecurDyn’s Track (HM) toolkit saves time by simplifying the modeling and contact definition for a tracked vehicle.

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Research on Coupled Dynamic Model of Tracked Vehicles and Its Solving Method

Yuliang Li, Chong Tang, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2015, Volume 2015, Article ID 293125, 10 pages.

A simplified model of a tracked vehicle was validated using RecurDyn. Confirming similar results with a second model provides additional confidence in both the RecurDyn model and the simplified model. RecurDyn provides a quick and efficient check to the simplified model while also providing additional dynamic results that the simplified model is unable to provide.

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Robust design optimization of the dynamic responses of a tracked vehicle system

M.S.Kim, Y.H.Woo, International Journal of Automotive Technology, 2013, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 47-51.

RecurDyn provided a fast way to simulate 26 designs of a tracked vehicle system for robust design optimization. The design was able to successfully minimize vertical acceleration. RecurDyn can easily run multiple simulations with minimal initial setup.

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Dynamic Simulation of Acceleration for a Foursprocket Electric Tracked Vehicle under Different Pavement Conditions

WANG Anqi, GU Zhongli, SUN Xiaokun, Transportation Electrification Asia-Pacific (ITEC Asia-Pacific) IEEE Conference and Expo, Beijing, August 2014, pp 1-4.

RecurDyn can provide acceleration results for an electric tracked vehicle running over hard pavement and soft soil. The ground conditions can be easily changed between runs to provide confidence that a design is acceptable under all operating conditions. The Track (HM) toolkit within RecurDyn provides a quick and easy way to accurately model a tracked vehicle.

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Engineering Design about Electro-hydraulic Intelligent Control System of Tracked Vehicle Suspension

Wenrui WANG, Shuai NIE, Jiaming ZHANG, Sensors & Transducers, January 2014, Vol. 162, Issue 1, pp 333.

An intelligent suspension control system was designed and tested using RecurDyn. Testing in RecurDyn demonstrated the ability of the control system to dampen vehicle vibration without building a costly prototype. Several designs could be tested quickly to determine the optimal design.

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Track Roller and Idler Design Improvement Using DFSS

Mahmoud I.Awad, Adam Ewing, George Sedlak, Tong Yi, Yassir Shanshal, International Journal of Six Sigma and Competitive Advantage, 2009, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp 29-41.

Simulation in RecurDyn identified the most significant noise factors that impact forces acting on rotational bearing surfaces. Simulation data was first correlated with machine testing and found to be within 90% agreement. The design was able to be improved within the virtual prototype to reduce forces and thus improve bearing life.

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