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Technical Papers: Tracked Vehicles (Robots)


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Trench-Crossing Capability Analysis of a Reconfigurable Tracked Mobile Robot

Hei Mo, Shang Jianzhong, Luo Zirong, Wang Zhuo, Intelligent Robotics and Applications, 2010, pp.509-518.

RecurDyn is used for the analysis and simulation of the reconfigurable tracked mobile robot performance. The simulation was able to identify the capability of a robot configuration to cross trenches. A prototype was then built that confirmed these simulations. Dynamic simulations can save time in the design of tracked robots.

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Dynamic Operational Limits for a Stair-Climbing, Tracked, Urban Robot

Brant A. Ross, World Congress and Exposition Military Vehicle Modeling and Simulation Session, April 2006, 8 pages.

A detailed model of a tracked robot was developed and simulated using RecurDyn. The dynamic limitations of the robot when climbing stairs were identified for two extremes of driving torque. A basic controller was designed within RecurDyn which could adjust the driving torque to maintain stability. RecurDyn simulations provided a way for this design to be accomplished in a time efficient manner.

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Design, simulation and manufacturing of a tracked robot for nuclear accidents

Jie Ma, Jun Luo, Huayan Pu, Yan Peng, Shaorong Xie, Jason Gu, Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO) IEEE International Conference, Nyeon, December 2014, pp 1828-1833.

A RecurDyn simulation was used to make sure a robot designed for nuclear accidents could perform various tasks. Stability and driving torque were analyzed during various tasks such as climbing stairs and driving up or down a slope. Dynamic simulations can save time in the design of tracked robots.

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The Research on Obstacle-surmounting Capability of Six-track Robot with Four Swing Arms

Shaorong Xie, Shilong Bao, Bin Zou, Huayan Pu, Jun Luo, Jason Gu, Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO) IEEE International Conference, Shenzhen, 2013, pp 2441-2445.

RecurDyn is used to prove the obstacle-surmounting ability of a six-track robot. Simulations were run of both steps and channel crossing. RecurDyn simulations were consistent with theoretical results and provided a reliable testing mechanism without the need for a physical prototype.

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