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Are you located in the Americas and have comments or questions about MotionPort or RecurDyn? Please complete the form or use the contact information below, and we will reply as soon as possible.

For other global regions, please contact the offices listed at the bottom of the page.

First Name  
Last Name  
Email Address
Business Phone
Request information about:


(734) 717-9042
(435) 767-9645


(435) 215-2525


General Information: info@motionport.com
Sales: sales@motionport.com
Customer Support: support@motionport.com
Webmaster: webmaster@motionport.com


3143 South 840 East, Suite 350
St. George, UT 84790

Sub-Distributors in North America

Canada Fluids & Co.
Vincent Soumoy
Phone: (514) 823-6550
E-mail: Vincent.Soumoy@fluidsandco.com
Website: www.fluidsandco.com

Global Contacts

Korea FunctionBay, Inc. (Headquarters , R&D Center)
Phone: +82-31-622-3700
E-mail: inform@functionbay.co.kr
Website: www.functionbay.co.kr
Taiwan Taiwan Auto Design Co. CADMEN Co.
Phone: +886-2-2956-7575
E-mail: johnson.liao@cadmen.com.tw
Website: www.cadmen.com.tw
Japan FunctionBay K.K.
Phone: +81-3-3243-2031
E-mail: fbj_info@functionbay.co.jp
Website: www.functionbay.co.jp
Europe FunctionBay GmbH
Phone: (+49) 89 -322-098-27
E-mail: Info@RecurDyn.de
Website: www.functionbay.de
China FunctionBay, Inc. China
Phone: + 86-21-5240-0270
E-mail: che-wei.chang@pro-lambda.com
Website: www.recurdyn.cn
Australia Leap Australia pty ltd
Phone: 02 8966 7888
E-mail: info@leapaust.com.au
Website: www.leapaust.com.au
India Function Dynamics (I) PVT. LTD.
Phone: +91 11 28083519
E-mail: bsridhar@vsnl.com
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