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Technical Papers: Automotive


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Design and development of a variable ground clearance, variable wheel track self-leveling hillside vehicle power chassis (V2-HVPC)

Qiaoming Gao, Feng Gao, Lei Tian, Liujun Li, Nenggen Ding, Guoyan Xu, Dawei Jiang, Journal of Terramechanics, December 2014, Volume 56, pp 77-90.

Three different tractor designs going over an obstacle were simulated in RecurDyn and the results were compared based upon centroid displacement. The design of the original tractor was improved to reduce vibration for the user.

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Research on Simulation of Motion Compensation for Omnidirectional Platform Based on Neural Network

YuNan Zhang, ShuangShuang Wang, Peng Tian, YuHui Zhao, Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics, 2011, Volume 1, pp 275-281.

RecurDyn is used to simulate an omnidirectional platform. The simulations show the effects of slippage. A nonlinear motion compensation based on neural network is then developed and tested with RecurDyn. RecurDyn was able to show that this method is successful in less time than would have been required with a physical prototype.

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Robust Design Optimization for Convertible Roof Module Mechanism

Dae-Oh Kang, Seung-Jin Heo, Min-Soo Kim, Woongchul Choi, Ilwhan Kim, Journal of System Design and Dynamics Special Issue of Asian Conference on Multibody, 2011, volume 5, Number 3, pp 501-512.

The RecurDyn AutoDesign module includes a world-class, advanced optimization solver that produces results quickly and accurately. RecurDyn was used in a robust design optimization for a convertible roof module. The optimized design has 11.0% reduced maximum torque from the initial design.

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Study on the Rigid-Flexible Couple of Drum Brake system

Li ji-shun, Liu Yi, 7th International Conference on Computer Science & Education (ICCSE), Melbourne, July 2012, pp 453-456.

RecurDyn was used to perform dynamic analysis on a drum brake system. Deformation and stress distribution of the drum were obtained from these simulations. The effect of the friction coefficient was examined. This information can be used to make design decisions such as if the correct material is being used in the design.

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Powered Two-Wheeler with Integrated Safety Using RecurDyn Multi-Body Dynamics

B.Vijaya Ramnath, K.Venkataraman, Selvaraj Venkatram, Sohil Thomas, Muthukumarasamy Maheshwaran, N.Dinesh, Applied Mechanics and Materials, July 2014, Volume 591, pp 193-196.

RecurDyn was used to simulate the crash of a powered two-wheel vehicle with and without additional safety constraints. The forces on the different joints on the body could be tracked over the course of the crash. The result was that a design was reached that could improve the overall safety of a two wheeled vehicle during a crash.

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Dynamic additional loads influencing the fatigue life of gears in an electric vehicle transmission

G.Belingardi, V.Cuffaro, F.Cura, Frattura e Integrita Strutturale, 2014, Issue 30, pp 469-477.

RecurDyn was used to simulate the dynamic behavior of an automotive transmission for an electric vehicle. This simulation provided the necessary information to obtain the Internal Dynamic Factor. The gears were simulated first as rigid bodies and second as flexible rims and rigid webs. In this case both simulations provided similar answers with the flexible approach having a longer simulation time. The fatigue life of the gears could be evaluated to determine if design changes should be made to improve life based upon these results.

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Development of High Fidelity Mobility Simulation of an Autonomous Vehicle in an Off-Road Scenario Using Integrated Sensor, Controller, and Multi-Body Dynamics

Paramsothy Jayakumar, William Smith, Brant A. Ross, Rohit Jategaonkar, Krystian Konarzewski, NDIA Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium, Dearborn, August 2011, 10 pages.

RecurDyn can be used as part of an integrated simulation environment in the development of mechatronic military vehicle systems. This method is proven for an autonomous robot with obstacle avoidance. This method can be used to determine situations in which the control algorithm is deficient and needs to be adjusted.

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