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Technical Papers: Machinery with Belts/Chains/Cables


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Analysis and Research of Automotive Trapezoid Synchronous Belt's Fatigue Life

Li Zhanguo, Jiang Ming, Li Jiaxing, International Conference on Computer, Mechatronics, Control and Electronic Engineering (CMCE), Chungchun, August 2010, Volume 2, pp 193-195.

RecurDyn was used to simulate a timing belt as a flexible body. The stress distribution of the belt is obtained during typical operating conditions. New designs and materials for the belt could be easily tested in RecurDyn to find the optimal design more quickly.

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Cable installation simulation by using a multibody dynamic model

Cai Jin Yang, Di Feng Hong, Ge Xue Ren, Zhi Hua Zhao, Multibody System Dynamics, December 2013, Volume 30, Issue 4, pp 433-447.

RecurDyn is used to validate a computing algorithm for pulling a cable through an underground conduit. The cable is modeled as a flexible body and the stress profile and deformation are tracked over time. This model validates the simplified model and gives stress information in a dynamic environment that otherwise would be difficult to attain using physical testing.

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Mock-up of a support structure of the ITER vacuum vessel

H.J. Ahn, J.W. Sa, Y.K. Kim, Y.S. Hong, J.H. Choi, T.H. Kwon, J.S. Lee, K.H. Park, T.S. Kim, W.I. Ha, I.S. Choi, B.C. Kim, K.H. Hong, C.H. Choi, Fusion Engineering and Design, June 2009, Volume 84, Issues 2-6, pp 375-379.

RecurDyn was used to test the design of a vacuum vessel support system. The reaction forces at rotational joints, displacements, and rotation angles were obtained from the model. This information could be used to make intelligent design decisions regarding the geometry and materials used in the system.

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Simulation methods for conveyor belt based on virtual prototyping

Kun Hu, Yong-cun Guo, Peng-yu Wang, International Conference on Mechanic Automation and Control Engineering (MACE), Wuhan, June 2010, pp 2332-2334.

The RecurDyn Belt toolkit provides convenient entities for quickly modeling belt systems. This includes automatic and intelligent modeling, discretization, and assembly of a belt combined with fast calculating speed and convenient sensors. The author finds the belt capabilities in RecurDyn to be superior to that of ADAMS. The virtual prototype of this heavy-duty belt conveyor developed in RecurDyn could be used for future design problems instead of an expensive physical prototype.

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Dynamic Analysis and Simulation of a Roller Chain Drive System on RecurDyn

Juntian Zhao, Shunzeng Wang, Shengyang Hu, Yu Liu, Journal of Applied Science and Engineering Innovation, June 2014, Volume 1, Number 1, pp 71-76.

The chain module in RecurDyn provides an easy way to model a roller train drive system. Built in tools make the dynamic analysis of a chain subsystem much easier to accomplish. Velocity, acceleration, and dynamic tension curves can provide effective means to design a chain drive system.

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A Cable-Passive Damper System for Sway and Skew Motion Control of a Crane Spreader

La Duc Viet, Youngjin Park, Shock and Vibration, 2015, Volume 2015, Article ID 507549, 11 pages.

RecurDyn simulations of a crane spreader show significant vibration, sway, and skew. A passive damper is added to the system and the RecurDyn model shows that the damper is effective in reducing these unwanted motions.

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Study on Dynamic load characteristics of circular arc tooth synchronous belt based on RecurDyn

Jianhua Guo, Qingxin Meng, Xin Yu, Qingming Hu, International Conference on Mechatronics, Electronic, Industrial and Control Engineering (MEIC 2015), Shenyang, China, April 2015, pp 1167-1171.

The RecurDyn Belt toolkit provides convenient entities for quickly modeling belt systems. This includes automatic and intelligent modeling, discretization, and assembly of a belt combined with fast calculating speed and convenient sensors. An arc tooth synchronous belt was modeled as a flexible body within RecurDyn. These simulations were able to show the stress distribution within the belt and identify that increasing the side gap on the transmission process also increases stress of the belt tooth.

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Modelling of Gear Meshing: A Numerical Approach for Dynamic Behavior Estimation of Thin Gears

Francesca Cura, Carlo Rosso, Topics in Nonlinear Dynamics, April 2013, Volume 35, Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series, pp. 319-333.

The transmission dynamics of very thin gears is studied using a fully rigid model, RFlex and FFlex. It is concluded that the compliance of the gear bodies could deeply affect the transmission behavior. These dynamics could easily be missed if the gears were assumed to be rigid bodies.

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